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In the district of Buharkent in Aydın, the first fig harvest started.

22 July 2019

In Turkey, "sarılop" type in which it is grown figs Buharkent the earliest manufacturers entered the harvest period. Carefully collected figs from trees, was taken to the wholesaler for sale. Buharkent District Agriculture and Forestry Director Mehmet Örnek, last year, 15 thousand tons of products they received, this year expects a harvest of 25 thousand tons, he said. The best quality fig in the world grows in this region transfers example, "this season will be sent to export 9 thousand tons of figs. Thousand 600 tons of black figs produced in the foreign market is offered for sale." said. Producer Güngör Sancak said that they had a productive period.

Fig Harvest

12 July2019

Little information about fig harvest

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